Why Kelmar

As a national leader in the field of unclaimed property management, Kelmar has invested in a dynamic team of unclaimed property experts.

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Formed in October of 2001. 


Employs 200+ skilled, full-time employees


Recognized experts in the field of unclaimed property

Your Partner in Unclaimed Property Resources

Kelmar is a professional services company that specializes in assisting government agencies with managing and administering their abandoned and unclaimed property programs.

Through solely organic, long-term strategic planning and investment, Kelmar has built an organization designed to adapt and provide the unclaimed property management support sought by its clients. As a national leader in the field of unclaimed property, Kelmar’s workforce includes acknowledged unclaimed property innovators, with work experience in every major unclaimed property stakeholder class in the industry. Kelmar has invested in a dynamic team of unclaimed property experts, employing highly trained professionals with degrees in business, accounting, finance, information systems, and law. Each Kelmar professional offers a unique skill set that enhances the services and support for government unclaimed property programs. As an experienced partner since 2001, Kelmar has helped clients identify and return billions of dollars to rightful owners as well as improve efficiency and tighten data security, allowing government unclaimed property programs to get more done with their unclaimed property resources.

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Former state employees with substantial knowledge of government systems and workflow processes



Former Big Four National Practice Leaders for Unclaimed Property


Contributing editors to the leading legal treatise in the field of unclaimed property published by Matthew Bender Publishing


Representatives drafting and providing commentary on revised unclaimed property legislation for the Uniform Law Commission

Take the Next Step in Unclaimed Property Management

With a full array of services from holder reports and claims processing, to system design and management consulting, Kelmar uses state-of-the-art technology with an experienced team of unclaimed property professionals to deliver results for government unclaimed property programs. Take the next step in unclaimed property management with Kelmar – safeguard data, reduce risk, leverage technology, and increase efficiency, while returning more unclaimed property to rightful owners.

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Safeguard Data

Ensure accuracy, consistency, and security in every facet of unclaimed property process management.


Reduce Risk

Reduce risk and strengthen your program by integrating industry leading unclaimed property strategies.

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Leverage Technology

Leverage the latest advancements in information technology to manage your unclaimed property.

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Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency, from reporting through return of assets to rightful owners, and every step in between.

Safeguard Data

As our clients’ partner in unclaimed property resources, we apply comprehensive controls for all of our systems and services, including Information Security controls, operational quality controls, business continuity and disaster recovery protocols, and regular testing and annual security assessments. We maintain robust security protocols, processes, and policies designed to protect the security, confidentiality, and/or integrity of any electronic, paper, or other records containing confidential information. As part of the Company’s information systems security, Kelmar has comprehensive cyber insurance and an established Records Retention Program that includes secured encrypted back-up and storage in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws. With Kelmar, you can ensure accuracy, consistency, and security in every facet of your unclaimed property process.


Leverage Technology

Kelmar utilizes the latest technology advancements to provide cost-effective, highly scalable, configurable unclaimed property management software. With Kelmar, government unclaimed property administrators automate and administer all aspects of their programs, utilizing business intelligence platforms that are user friendly and intuitive. Kelmar’s next generation unclaimed property systems modernize unclaimed property programs and related processes with proven, flexible, and customized turn-key relational database management utilities, development tools, and interactive program features essential for retaining data records and performing numerous accounting functions in a reliable and secure manner. Built with extensibility in mind, Kelmar’s unclaimed property systems are consistently upgraded and improved to address future needs as they are identified.

Reduce Risk

As a partner in unclaimed property resources, Kelmar offers clients access to essential unclaimed property legislative knowledge and corresponding operational consultation in order to mitigate risks associated with the administration and management of unclaimed property. Our experts in legislation governing the escheatment of unclaimed property, provide comprehensive consulting services, addressing matters such as operational best practices, strategies to address industry trends, white papers on legislative initiatives, and training programs to facilitate compliance, and ultimately return more unclaimed property to rightful owners.

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Increase Efficiency

Working collaboratively with unclaimed property administrators and government agency officials, Kelmar incorporates innovative ideas to improve unclaimed property program efficiency. Our process support solutions are customized specifically for government unclaimed property programs to effectively and efficiently manage nearly every aspect of unclaimed property administration. Kelmar offers industry leading unclaimed property resources and a full suite of automated tools and workflows for its government clients, including automation of routine tasks, comprehensive and fully customizable process workflows, and access to advanced reporting to enable programs to focus on more critical work.

Work with experts so that your program can give your citizens the best unclaimed property experience.

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