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Our Leadership Team

Mark S. McQuillen, Esq.

Chief Executive Officer & President

David P. Kennedy, Esq.

General Counsel

Michael J. LeBlanc, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Mark X. Russo, MBA

Chief Administrative Officer

John A. DeMarco

Chief Operating Officer

Lynden Lyman, Esq.

Executive Consultant

Kenneth G. Wagers, MT

Vice President, Client Information Services

Brian J. Scanlon, Esq.

Vice President, Legal and Human Resources

Tanya R. Whitlow

Managing Director, Client Information Services

Kate A. Stevens

Managing Director, Fiduciary Management Services

Gary M. Duvall, JD/MBA

Managing Director, Compliance Services

Robert H. Dean, Jr., CPA/MS

Director, State Services

Michael Gizzi

Director, Business Development

Lindsay S. Caldonetti

Director, KAPS® Development

Shawn P. Hibbard, MBA

Director, Compliance Services

Patrick M. Marr

Director, Information Technology

Mark E. Udinski

Deputy Chief of Administration

Timothy J. Cullen, Esq.

Associate General Counsel

Catherine G. Zejnullahu, Esq.

Associate General Counsel

E. Suzanne Darling, Esq.

Associate General Counsel

Elizabeth M. Marciano-Mills

Senior Marketing Manager